About Us
  I'm Jeff adair , owner of Cream City Tile & Bath Remodeling. I've been installing hard surface materials full-time since 1975.
A little history...
  Looking back at growing up in a family business in Bay-view , interest, and then skill in  the trade , seems as natural as the constant presence of  Dad's tools, linoleum  and  boxes of tile in the garage.
  Then as his business grew ,eventually  I and two brothers  came to work as sub-contractors...myself largely in Vinyl flooring .
  As time passed , we branched out --dad retired as a full-timer -- my brothers and I finding our own niches in the remodeling business . For a short time my company was ' Jeff's Remodeling ' and then ' Cream City Tile & Flooring ' before settling on the current name ...one that is more representative of what I can do for you - the Milwaukee-area consumer.                                     
Why 'Cream City' ?..That's Milwaukee , my hometown. The story behind the name...

                Getting the job done...
  Based in Franklin , work can take me from Caledonia up to Cedarburg and out into the western suburbs and the lake country. Commercial tile floors , kitchen floors and back splashes , bathrooms - from complete do-overs with tile , plumbing , electrical , and drywall  to just a basic 'Re-grout & caulk' of the tub area - entrance ways (Great for that first impression when entering the home !) , or just a single tile repair/replacement ...these tasks  , and more , can have a cost-effective resolution starting with you making that call to 
arrange for a free estimate .  

  At some point in this process , materials must be selected . Now , if you already have 
 some or all of what is needed , in most cases I will install your items ...or make suggestions/adjustments . For the widest variety in tile , I offer discounted Contractor rates at a number of wholesale suppliers with showrooms around town for your convenience . At these tile showrooms , you make your selections - borrow samples if you wish -secure a record of your choices and inform me so I may proceed with ordering , pickup , and installation .

  Some materials I don't supply (vanities , mirrors , lighting , shower doors ) , but I will give direction and advice ( if needed ) in their acquisition . 
  Some services that might become necessary ( major electrical , major plumbing , glass-block windows , etc.)  I can expedite for you with my associated tradesmen and Master plumbers -- or I will coordinate with Your favorite tradesman ...or even Yourself .
  No one likes the mess and bother of a remodeling project in their home . My goal in providing service to you is to complete the work to your liking in a timely fashion --No
'jumping between jobs' -- with as little mess and disruption as possible ; just as I would want my own family treated . Work debris will be bagged and/or bundled for your local garbage pickup , or I will haul for a reasonable fee.

There's no day like today
   Not that long ago , we were  mired in economic turmoil , and everyone thinks twice about spending that hard-earned buck .We've been  cutting out extravagances in all areas of life .
But some things need to be taken care of -- and make sense to do so !
  -That tub-area tile thats finally starting to show deterioration due to poor initial installation (read : Drywall / plaster backing) is a typical case ...waiting to fix the situation will just extend the damaged area , possibly to adjacent walls , or floors below .
  -You're thinking of moving/selling your home ... any real-estate agent worth their salt will
tell you the bath and kitchen are THE rooms to upgrade beforehand , and  if done in a cost-effective and tasteful manner , you will more than recoup your expense . The entranceway
would be another strong contender .
 -You happen to be around the house more these days , due to a work slowdown (hopefully temporary !) ...NOW might be THE time ,if you're handy, to coordinate with your helpful
tile man in finally finishing that long put-on-hold bath or tile project !
  Also bear in mind that tile and natural stone products are - and always have been - very desirable and durable materials with which to finish many surfaces within the home or  commercial setting ...with an ever evolving array of colors , textures and styles . I am 
still ,after all these years , impressed  when stepping  into my dealers' showrooms and surrounded by the possibilities inherent in these materials . One of the recent advances
in tile makes it even more consumer-friendly -- grout that does not need to be sealed .
Whether pre-mixed , or as an additive to a standard grout , this one advance adds even more longevity and beauty to an already superior surface . 

  Are you ready for new Tile ?

                                                                                ---- JEFF

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